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Meet people online


1 .- Meet people online? Why not!
Recent studies show that finding a partner on the Internet is increasingly fashionable. And rightly so, because the results speak for themselves.
Especially if you use a search engine partner seriously. In CitaPerfecta we offer a selection of the best sites to find romance on the Internet. Want to give a touch of excitement to your life?
One out of two practices it: One in two people using the Internet has connected online. Today internet link on men and women of all ages.
What men are the bosses?: Many think that most people searching online are male partner. This is not true. Women also like to flirt online. And the trend is growing!
The best way to meet people: According to a 2005 study, 90% of people having conversations online link very exciting, of which often arise friendship and often much more!
2 .- Why should I put a personal ad online?
Internet is changing the world every day. And the world of dating was not going to be less. Today put a personal ad on an online dating site is definitely the best option to meet people quickly and effectively. Imagine an ad written for you in a sincere way you describe how you are and what kind of person you want to meet. Do not you think the millions of people who have access to it in the online dating sites to be hundreds of thousands who would like to know? The answer to your ad is guaranteed.
How do I choose the online dating site where to advertise?
There muchísmos online dating sites. Choosing one is not easy. So in our pages we selected the best online dating sites, so you do not have to work hard. Our advice is to choose 2 or 3 pages of quotes online from our list and you sign them. Most have a free registration that allows you to put your ad. And as you place your ad ... You are online!
I have seen the profile of a person I like and I will contact her. What do I tell?
When a person places an ad in the online dating sites usually receive lots of messages. To be fixed on yours should avoid messages like "I saw your profile and I like it. Tell me more." Please enter a more personal message explaining why you liked that person, do you have in common and, above all, talk to you. Tell why it is worth to know you.
Keep your anonymity.
When you register with any online dating site, enter a nickname or nickname that will guarantee your anonymity as you enter chat rooms, while talking privately to another user, etc.. When you start receiving messages from users or users, a common mistake is to give personal information away. Do not. It is good to give personal information, your real address, etc.. Although it may seem a nice person, keep a little distance. At the end of the day, you know nothing of that person. You will have time to meet her in person if your conversations are maintained over time. And also ... Do not you think it's good to keep a little mystery?
3 .- Tips Internet link
Flirt is an art, not only in real life, but also through the network. There are some codes, and ways of acting, to be taken into consideration in achieving our purpose. Some think it's weird or unusual to find a partner online, but we have evidence and you probably know a lot of people and found the love of his life. It is true that people can find rare, but ... where is not there? The point is detected and put them aside.
When looking for someone online, we make several considerations: first you have to be clear about what you are looking for: friendship, sex, finding a stable partner, ...
Once set up our way, where did you look?. In Citaperfecta have reviewed the best websites to find a partner for you is easier to decide what is best for you to register portals depending on your interests and the type of relationship you want to achieve: sex?, ¿Friendship?, ¿Partner?. Sure you find what you need in our extensive selection.
Nick: is your business card, so you should find one that attracts the attention of others. You also need to be appropriate to your purpose.
Originality: Try putting a dose of originality in the talk. The "hello, how are you", "where are you", "age", "how are you", "do you do" and "do you like to do" is just too typical and tired. A person who open 15 windows with the same text just choosing the one that is different and curious.
Ratio: If you're a kid, do not despair. Dating sites in the proportion of men compared to women is enormous. So you should not despair or give up. Your time will come, and then it will be when you have to use it.
Should I lie? Many people mount a totally unrealistic story about his personality, in order to link the person they want. If you are looking for something sporadic and not go over, you can pass. But if you want to find your soul mate, do not lie, and be honest. If the other person is for you, you will love your stuff, and not have to desdecirte than at some point I remarked.
Photo: Before you get, it always pays to be even for photo. You tend to idealize the person speaking, and usually he was disappointed when he sees printing face to face. Simpro is better to put the photo to the other person can know completely.
Hint: some dating sites, like Be2 Parship or allow you to make free personality test so you know what kind of person would be your ideal partner. This will save time for lectures and events that do not lead anywhere.
How should one act? That's almost impossible to determine. There are people who like to be direct with them. Some prefer to take things in stride, others prefer to go to the cocky, but sometimes what works is to go from victim. So you better know yourself, and if something fails, it will be because you were not you, and not because he liked the role he plays.
And another tip: do not panic if the other person takes to answer you, or if you see it connected but not talking to you. It is always possible that it is not against the computer or busy with other tasks.
4 .- Things not to do on the first date
Awaited moment arrives ... But be that person that you find so special, after a contact time over the Internet and mobile. As the time approaches you get more nervous. It is therefore very important to know what should never be done on a first date. Come up with some tips that can be helpful ...
- First of all, do not try to impress by pretending to be what you are not, or behaving differently than they did on the Internet. If the other person wants to know is because he likes what he "saw".
- Be careful where you carry it ... Do not take her to eat a hot dog, but do not go to a five-star restaurant. You can get a snack out there, or have a drink, and thus initiate a more relaxed conversation than four meters away table between them.
- No you burdened with your problems. It is important to laugh and have fun.
- Nor does he talk about your ex. She is a different person, and you do not tell your old details pairs a day like this.
- Turn off your phone! There is nothing worse than being with a person and receive calls or messages continuously.
- Do not criticize their dress or their attitude. You just see you for the first time and you do not like the first thing that makes the other person is getting your clothes, but you yourself know that you saw wrong.
- Do not lie. If there is something you do not want to tell you, do not, guide the conversation to another place, but do not say things that are not true, because eventually end up being harmful.